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Why you should entrust us your app ?
Trust our Media planning
With our diverse and vast portfolio of traffic sources, we are able to reach millions of unique users per month. We are directly integrated with a number of leading ad exchanges where we are able to buy our traffic programmatically and on a large scale. Our international team of mobile experts will ensure that we deliver traffic meeting your KPIs with the full understanding of the local market.
Trust our Transparency
Transparency in performance marketing is more important than anything. We will make sure that you always know what you are paying for. We provide full transparency for our clients, meaning that you always know which publisher/placement (website or app) has brought you the user with tons of other data points which you will be able to track in real time.
Trust our
Impression Tracking
Take control over impressions yourselves. Our technology will allow you to live the experience of your users since the moment your creative will reach them. Easy and accessible solution is available for all major tracking providers.
Trust our
Start optimizing already today. We are offering you all types of support - let's start with optimizing towards the best size of creatives that are working for your vertical in your GEO and let's continue with precise targeting of the sources based on user profiles.
Fraud Prevention
Data-driven approach
Our system analyses billions of data points daily in order to ensure that your campaigns are reaching to new users.
Real-time detection
Why to review the traffic if you can already receive clean traffic from non-organic users driven by Apptrust?
Customizable solution
Don't adopt someone's KPIs. Let us help you to develop your very own benchmarks for each of your verticals that will reflect user's behavior in your local markets.
The core value of our company is TRUST. We know that trust is something that is very hard to gain and easy to lose, that's why we are taking a client centric approach in our business. Performance model of promotion means that our clients know exactly how much, when and what they are paying for. We have worked hard to develop a solution that will combine transparency and security of direct media buys with cost efficiency and simplicity of a CPI/CPE campaign. From day one of our cooperation our dedicated account managers will support you closely in reaching your marketing KPIs and obtaining new clients for your business.
Integrated MMP's
Apptrust is integrated with most major MMP’s, including:
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